Best Hot Air Balloon Rides in the US

Best Hot Air Balloon Rides in the US

Riding in a hot air balloon is very enthralling. Imagine that you are only floating thousands of feet from the ground and moving around to explore nature in areas that would otherwise be tough to access. In the US many people book hot air rides to only feel the greatness and sense of accomplishment. In this post, we explore the best hot air balloon rides in the US so that you can also select the best for you.

Balloon ride over Colorado

As the balloon approaches Colorado, you can get the crispy air above the famous state. Checking from one side, you will be almost at the top of the rocky mountain. If you want to experience the enthralling view of the Rocky Mountains, the Balloon will move up so that the peak is only meters away. Remember to take as many photos as possible to remember the great journey.

The Grand Canyon ride

This ride is described by visitors as the most enthralling of all balloon rides. As the balloon hovers over the canyon, you will be humbled by the might of nature. The Canyon took millions of years to reach where it is, and River Colorado keeps digging progressively with no sign of stopping. The route will also make you appreciate the diversity of nature in different habitats.

Black Hills, South Dakota

A balloon trip to the Black Hills will take you right to the Mount Rushmore National Memorial which is a massive granite with a feature of great American portraits. You will be left wondering how the portrait got there and, also enjoy the picturesque sites of South Dakota. A closer research yields different theories on how the great sculptures got there. This will make the ride on a hot air balloon more enjoyable.

Ride above Lake Tahoe, Nevada

This lake is located in Nevada and California and is the biggest Alpine Lake in North America. The scintillating view of the 22 miles long and 12 miles wide lake will give you a special connection to nature. Besides, you will also appreciate the enthralling view of the neighbourhood and major towns such as Los Angeles and Nevada appearing very small from afar.

Letchworth State Park, New York

Nothing is so enthralling like floating over a park full of nature rick plants species. The rivers running through the park and blossoming flowers give you a sense of a paradise here on earth. Make sure to book the balloon and the experience will be more enthralling. You can never go wrong with a hot air balloon.

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