Best Hot Air Balloon Festivals in the World

Best Hot Air Balloon Festivals in the World

When you travel using a hot air balloon, the impact on nature is positive and you will appreciate its diversity and magnificence. Today, balloon travelling has advanced and yielded balloon festivals. Many people who experience the festival do not simply want to be a spectator next time, but one of the crew landing in balloons to entertain the audience. Read through this post to know more about balloon festivals in the world.

Great Texas Balloon Race

This competition is like no other as balloons race from one section to another in a unique race meant to test the skills of the pilots and their balloons. It is in many respects like car racing but in this case; the racing is done on the air using hot air balloons. People usually come in drives to experience the spectacle. Note that the festival also has lots of entertainment, exhibitions, and delicacies during the day.

The Colorado Balloon Classic (USA)

This balloon festival started about 33 years ago and is no doubt the oldest in the celebrations. The festival is an opportunity to ride in balloons, learn more about Colorado, and promote conservation. After the 2008 Balloons festival, it was voted the top event in North America.

The Bristol International Balloon Festival (UK)

This festival attracts a lot of balloons and millions of spectators. To make the festival more enthralling, it is coupled with acrobatic team displays and other top entertainment that makes the day truly scintillating. As a balloon festival day, you have the chance to take a ride at an affordable cost. The event cannot be complete without the enthralling parachute team that demonstrates their skills on the air which is truly incredible. If you missed the thrill, well, you need to follow the festival and participate when the next venue is announced.

Magic City Hot Air Balloon Rally (USA)

This festival takes place and involves taking visitors for rides on the beautiful Montana at much reduced rates. The main intention is keeping the culture of balloons alive and passing it to the generations that follow. If you have been used to taking a holiday in top rated hotels downtown, ensure to make use of the festival when it is announced to enjoy with a difference

Velikie Luki International Balloon Meet (Russia)

The balloon festival in Russia brings a huge collection of balloons as pilots make an aerial pass by to show the audience. Other performance and delicacies also characterize the Festival. Some visitors come from all over the world to experience the magnificence of balloon. If you want to ride, make sure to follow carefully when the next dates are and book as early as possible.

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