Top 3 Hot Air Balloon Rides Around the World

A hot air balloon is the best way to experience the magnificence of the Grand Canyon or Himalayas.  Unlike planes, hot air balloons are quiet and hover around in the sky slowly so that people can experience the thrills of nature most uniquely.

If you take a hot air balloon ride over the Alps, The Red Sea or the Rockies in winter, the views will be spectacular and unforgettable.

For people who are planning for holidays or short getaways, a hot air balloon is the best way to enjoy more. Here are the top 3 hot air balloon rides around the world for travelers who want to enjoy their time with a difference.

A ride over the Rocky Mountains, Colorado

During falls and winter, many people are on their sledges and skiing from the top the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Others prefer to use Snowmobiles to conquer the snow covered mountains. However, a balloon ride over the Rockies is the most magnificent of all.

The balloon makes visitors to experience the unique transition from the desert climate of the lowlands of Colorado to the Alpine cooler regions.

Ascending to about 10,000 feet, you will get a unique experience that will remain embedded in the mind for years. Do not forget to capture the enthralling images of the Rocky Mountains peak for your travelling album.

Conquering Himalayas, Nepal

If you are planning a holiday, the best thing is going for something different. You have been to the best five-star hotels, golf courses, and monuments. But there is one place you have never gone to.

The Himalayas! The best way to explore this mystery of nature is though a hot air balloon. Many top air balloons always target the Himalayas because it never ceases to amaze.

The moment you set out for a hot air balloon ride in the Himalayas, here is what to expect.

  • Experiencing the highest volcanic mountain
  • Avalanches running down the Himalayas at top speed
  • Great wildlife such as the Asian Tigers that are endemic to the region
  • The highest and longest skiing tracks in the world

Remember that a ride into the tallest mountains requires ample preparations especially with the right clothing. The top areas can become very cold and uncomfortable if you are not properly clothed.

A ride over the Grand Canyons with a hot air baloons

Geographers indicate that the battle of elements shaped most physical features we know of today. There is no other place in the world that this battle of elements is evident than in the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is the deepest and longest canyon at about 277 miles long.

A hot air balloon allows you to see the point that the Colorado River started curving the gorge and continues to dig even deeper. A guide will help you to see and understand the possible future of the canyon if the digging continues. Do not be left behind; book the best hot air balloon trip and see this mystery before it forces of nature block it as experts predict.