Top 3 Hot Air Balloon Rides Around the World

A hot air balloon is the best way to experience the magnificence of the Grand Canyon or Himalayas.  Unlike planes, hot air balloons are quiet and hover around in the sky slowly so that people can experience the thrills of nature most uniquely.

If you take a hot air balloon ride over the Alps, The Red Sea or the Rockies in winter, the views will be spectacular and unforgettable.

For people who are planning for holidays or short getaways, a hot air balloon is the best way to enjoy more. Here are the top 3 hot air balloon rides around the world for travelers who want to enjoy their time with a difference.

A ride over the Rocky Mountains, Colorado

During falls and winter, many people are on their sledges and skiing from the top the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Others prefer to use Snowmobiles to conquer the snow covered mountains. However, a balloon ride over the Rockies is the most magnificent of all.

The balloon makes visitors to experience the unique transition from the desert climate of the lowlands of Colorado to the Alpine cooler regions.

Ascending to about 10,000 feet, you will get a unique experience that will remain embedded in the mind for years. Do not forget to capture the enthralling images of the Rocky Mountains peak for your travelling album.

Conquering Himalayas, Nepal

If you are planning a holiday, the best thing is going for something different. You have been to the best five-star hotels, golf courses, and monuments. But there is one place you have never gone to.

The Himalayas! The best way to explore this mystery of nature is though a hot air balloon. Many top air balloons always target the Himalayas because it never ceases to amaze.

The moment you set out for a hot air balloon ride in the Himalayas, here is what to expect.

  • Experiencing the highest volcanic mountain
  • Avalanches running down the Himalayas at top speed
  • Great wildlife such as the Asian Tigers that are endemic to the region
  • The highest and longest skiing tracks in the world

Remember that a ride into the tallest mountains requires ample preparations especially with the right clothing. The top areas can become very cold and uncomfortable if you are not properly clothed.

A ride over the Grand Canyons with a hot air baloons

Geographers indicate that the battle of elements shaped most physical features we know of today. There is no other place in the world that this battle of elements is evident than in the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is the deepest and longest canyon at about 277 miles long.

A hot air balloon allows you to see the point that the Colorado River started curving the gorge and continues to dig even deeper. A guide will help you to see and understand the possible future of the canyon if the digging continues. Do not be left behind; book the best hot air balloon trip and see this mystery before it forces of nature block it as experts predict.




Owning a Hot Air Balloon

Hovering above the great canyons and flying in a balloon to the top of the Rockies is the kind of experience that many people consider perfect for a holiday. Unlike planes, balloons allow you to hover above the target destination and drift slowly enjoying the lovely breeze and sceneries. Now, you do not have to keep hiring a balloon every other weekend you go out for a holiday. A better the idea is to own one. In this post, we explore what you need to know to own a hot air balloon.

Benefits of owning a hot air balloon

  • You can set out for holiday anytime without incurring extra cost
  • The balloon can be hired to other travelers who want to get out for holiday
  • Hot-air balloon owners can use them for advertising brands and VIP traveling
  • They are crucial components for conservation because they take visitors and researchers to areas that vehicles cannot reach
  • It is a personal asset just like your car

Determining the best hot-air balloon to buy 

To get the right balloon, you need to consider it like you are purchasing a new car. They come in varying passenger capacity, engine sizes, and models. If you are interested in private flying only, consider a 3,000 cubic meters balloon. The standard system comes with a 2,300 cubic meters envelop, K12 basket, and Ignis Double Burner. Such a system can take a pilot and a maximum of 3-4 passengers depending on the prevailing weather condition. Many companies selling the balloons send them with representatives to deliver to your site, help you understand the system and regulations.

The process of purchasing a hot air balloon

To get a new hot-air balloon takes about 12 weeks or three months. This process can be broken down into the following steps.

  • You decide the balloon type by checking with the seller. You can follow specific models or cost.
  • Decide the preferred design. The manufacturers can deliver a wide range of designs with varying colors to match client’s personal tastes.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s configurator to check all the necessary accessories that you need to order together with the balloon.
  • Determine the type of preferred flame for heating the balloon. Do you prefer an envelope with the same burner brand or a different one? Do you prefer a big or small flame?
  • Once all these details are selected and captured well, the sales team will make clarifications and then draw a price for you. The manufacturers are also flexible to include your logo so that the balloon will always give the impression of your organization or theme.
  • When the sales department and the client agree on the particulars and price, an order is placed and a purchase agreement signed. This will mark the beginning of the balloon production. Some companies require about 50% of the balloon payment and the remaining amount before the balloon is released to you.
  • During production, some companies even allow their clients to visit and experience the process.
  • Before the balloon takes the first flight, the company ensures that it is appropriately insured and certified. You will also be required to get a certified pilot for safe flying.

Best Hot Air Balloon Rides in the US

Riding in a hot air balloon is very enthralling. Imagine that you are only floating thousands of feet from the ground and moving around to explore nature in areas that would otherwise be tough to access. In the US many people book hot air rides to only feel the greatness and sense of accomplishment. In this post, we explore the best hot air balloon rides in the US so that you can also select the best for you.

Balloon ride over Colorado

As the balloon approaches Colorado, you can get the crispy air above the famous state. Checking from one side, you will be almost at the top of the rocky mountain. If you want to experience the enthralling view of the Rocky Mountains, the Balloon will move up so that the peak is only meters away. Remember to take as many photos as possible to remember the great journey.

The Grand Canyon ride

This ride is described by visitors as the most enthralling of all balloon rides. As the balloon hovers over the canyon, you will be humbled by the might of nature. The Canyon took millions of years to reach where it is, and River Colorado keeps digging progressively with no sign of stopping. The route will also make you appreciate the diversity of nature in different habitats.

Black Hills, South Dakota

A balloon trip to the Black Hills will take you right to the Mount Rushmore National Memorial which is a massive granite with a feature of great American portraits. You will be left wondering how the portrait got there and, also enjoy the picturesque sites of South Dakota. A closer research yields different theories on how the great sculptures got there. This will make the ride on a hot air balloon more enjoyable.

Ride above Lake Tahoe, Nevada

This lake is located in Nevada and California and is the biggest Alpine Lake in North America. The scintillating view of the 22 miles long and 12 miles wide lake will give you a special connection to nature. Besides, you will also appreciate the enthralling view of the neighbourhood and major towns such as Los Angeles and Nevada appearing very small from afar.

Letchworth State Park, New York

Nothing is so enthralling like floating over a park full of nature rick plants species. The rivers running through the park and blossoming flowers give you a sense of a paradise here on earth. Make sure to book the balloon and the experience will be more enthralling. You can never go wrong with a hot air balloon.

Best Hot Air Balloon Festivals in the World

When you travel using a hot air balloon, the impact on nature is positive and you will appreciate its diversity and magnificence. Today, balloon travelling has advanced and yielded balloon festivals. Many people who experience the festival do not simply want to be a spectator next time, but one of the crew landing in balloons to entertain the audience. Read through this post to know more about balloon festivals in the world.

Great Texas Balloon Race

This competition is like no other as balloons race from one section to another in a unique race meant to test the skills of the pilots and their balloons. It is in many respects like car racing but in this case; the racing is done on the air using hot air balloons. People usually come in drives to experience the spectacle. Note that the festival also has lots of entertainment, exhibitions, and delicacies during the day.

The Colorado Balloon Classic (USA)

This balloon festival started about 33 years ago and is no doubt the oldest in the celebrations. The festival is an opportunity to ride in balloons, learn more about Colorado, and promote conservation. After the 2008 Balloons festival, it was voted the top event in North America.

The Bristol International Balloon Festival (UK)

This festival attracts a lot of balloons and millions of spectators. To make the festival more enthralling, it is coupled with acrobatic team displays and other top entertainment that makes the day truly scintillating. As a balloon festival day, you have the chance to take a ride at an affordable cost. The event cannot be complete without the enthralling parachute team that demonstrates their skills on the air which is truly incredible. If you missed the thrill, well, you need to follow the festival and participate when the next venue is announced.

Magic City Hot Air Balloon Rally (USA)

This festival takes place and involves taking visitors for rides on the beautiful Montana at much reduced rates. The main intention is keeping the culture of balloons alive and passing it to the generations that follow. If you have been used to taking a holiday in top rated hotels downtown, ensure to make use of the festival when it is announced to enjoy with a difference

Velikie Luki International Balloon Meet (Russia)

The balloon festival in Russia brings a huge collection of balloons as pilots make an aerial pass by to show the audience. Other performance and delicacies also characterize the Festival. Some visitors come from all over the world to experience the magnificence of balloon. If you want to ride, make sure to follow carefully when the next dates are and book as early as possible.